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Essays on apologetics, philosophy, theology, and religion.


Apologists for Christ

Articles on various topics and an open forum for discussion.



Resources for the application of historical Christianity in contemporary society.


Christian Apologetics Journal

Theology, philosophy, religion, science, cults, defense of the historic Christian faith. Published by the Southern Evangelical Seminary.


Christian Philosophy Made Simple

Philosophical arguments for the existence of God, human behavior, and the use of philosophical methods for Christian apologetic.


Deep Thought: The Website of Midnight Musings

Thorough overview and evaluation of World War II and the Holocaust as relates to Christian apologetics. Other subjects also presented.


Doxa: Christian Theology and Apologetics

Scholarly articles defending Christian doctrine on God, Jesus, the Bible, science, and the gospel.


Engwer, Jason: Christian Liberty

Articles on the evidence for Christianity, and criticizing skeptics, wrong doctrines, and Roman Catholicism.


Give Christianity a Second Look

A reasoning, non-hysterical Bible-based approach to Christianity, employing reason and discernment. Commentary and in-depth study of difficult issues.


Joywell: Christian Apologetics

A few articles by a pastor in New Mexico, with links to others


Literate Soul: Apologetics Topics

Thoughts on artificial intelligence, the big bang theory, Goedel's theorem, Christ in the Qur'an, and the contributions of certain groups to Christianity.


Minnesota Apologetics Project

Online articles on apologetics and theology. Many articles are links to articles on other sites.