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The Pastor's Pulpit
The Pastor's Pulpit is an online sermon resource for Pastors for the preparation of dynamic expository sermons. Over 400 full manuscript expository sermons by Dr. Reg Dunlap are now available.
The Power Of Truth
Christian Resource Website that offers Bible-based Sermons, Christian Poems, Life-changing Sayings, Christian Cartoons and Artworks. Leading people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Sermon Shack
A place to publish sermons, lessons, etc, or pick some up to use. Please share your sermons as well.
The Sunday School Store
The Sunday School Store offers a wide selection of best-selling Christian children's books and activities to be used at home, school or church and provides a different free Sunday school activity each month.
The Tabernacle Place
The Tabernacle Place seeks to educate the importance of teaching the tabernacle of Moses in the Old Testament and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Featuring a tabernacle model, videos, evangelism tools and children's ministry resources.
The Thoughtful Christian
The Thoughtful Christian provides Sunday School lesson plans and Bible studies for your church. You can download them online. Based on Today's topics for thoughtful adult Sunday School classes.
Truth For Saints
Free educational resources for defending the historic, authentic Christian Faith. Denominations, world religions, and secular philosophical positions are explained and discussed
Truth In Depth
Truth In Depth produces special audio reports on compact disc for personal listening, Christian study groups, Sunday School classes and churches. We tell stories of real life and examine current issues such as abortion and Mormonism.
Understanding the Lord's Supper
Understanding the unique meaning of the bread and of the cup in the Lord's Supper. Dynamic, Biblical teaching on this subject.
Bible studies for celebrating God's Feasts and learning His covenant. We explain the patterns of His Kingdom; unravel the difficult words of Jesus, and the mysteries of Old Testament worship.