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Other Mission

Life outreach International
Mission Resources
Mission Resources and links
Article on cybermission


Missions Resources On The Web

Compiled by Jenny Collins – April 2002

Gateway Sites that point to hundreds of other missions sites and resources

Research Sites

Unreached People Groups/Immigrant Groups

News and Events

The Persecuted Church/Human Rights

Find Short-Term Opportunities

 Tools & Resources

 General Christian/Mission Sites


Missions Agency and Organizations Links

Missions Curriculum & Bible Studies

Evangelism/Apologetics Resources

Discussion about Missions

Church Mission Committee Resources

  1.  Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment – http://www.acmc.org/

  2. Missions Resource Network – http://www.mrnet.org/

Christian Books and Other Resources

  1.  CBD, Christian Book Distributors - http://www.christianbook.com/

  2.  MARC Publications (a division of World Vision) - http://www.marcpublications.com/

  3.  Online Missions Bookstore - missionsbookstore.com

 Ways to Find, Evaluate and Cite Internet Resources

Some of these are links provided by Taylor’s Zondervan Library internal page

  1.  How to Evaluate Internet Resources - www.tayloru.edu/~lib/wwwresources/evaluation.htm

  2.  Internet Citation Guides - www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/Memorial/citing.htm

  3.  Research & Documentation Online Style Guides - www.bedfordstmartins.com/hacker/resdoc

  4.  MLA Style Guide - www.bedfordstmartins.com/hacker/resdoc/humanities/english.htm

  5.  Tips for Using Internet Search Engines - www.tayloru.edu/~lib/wwwresources/searchengines.htm